[Past Tour] Japanese Fabric Dyer’s Shop Tour and Dyeing Workshop with English Speaking Guide

Shinjuku in Tokyo boasts many kinds of fabric dyers and craftspeople for kimono, some of them have a history of more than a hundred years. Many dyers moved to Edo, the old name of Tokyo, about 400 years ago to produce and supply kimono to people living in the city. Dyers in Edo developed a lot of kinds of dyeing techniques to make beautiful, colorful, and gorgeous kimono, which became Tokyo’s traditional dyed kimono.

Since Shinjuku has two major rivers, the Kanda and the Myoshoji Rivers, many dyers opened their shops and studios along the rivers to use the clear water for washing process of their newly dyed cloth, which made Shinjuku as one of the three major cities of fabric dyeing for kimono along with Kyoto and Kanazawa.

Tokyo’s traditional dyeing techniques and skills of the related craftspeople have been passed on and can still be seen in Shinjuku city, especially in the Ochiai, Nakai, Takadanobaba, and Waseda area.

We provide English guided tours for those who are interested in kimono and its beautiful dyeing techniques. We’d like international visitors to appreciate inside dyer’s shops and studios as well as their traditional dyeing techniques in Shinjuku, which are very rare even for Japanese.

In our tour, you’ll enjoy visiting some fabric dyers shops in the Shinjuku and doing an actual dyeing experience at a workshop. Let’s join us!

Tour details

DEC/15/2018 [13:30 ~ 16:30]


Takadanobaba Station, Tokyo (JR Line, Tokyo Metro Tozai Line, Seibu Shinjuku Line)
~ Spot1. Kumazaki Kobo (Yuzen dyeing)
~ Spot2. Some no Takako (Marble dyeing, workshop)
~ Takadanobaba Station
Capacity of participants: 4 people
Price of the tour: JPY 5,000 / person (including your cloth to dye and tax)

*Your dyed cloth in the workshop will be finished by the master and will be shipped to your address by a postal service after a few weeks.

If you have to leave Japan before you get your cloth, the guide will receive it and ship it to an address you request.
Please pay the international shipping cost to the guide then.
*This tour involves about 10 -15 minute-walk between each spot.
*There are some steep slopes and stairs during the tour.

Tour routes may change before or at the time of the tours.

Please Note

*We will not have any responsibilities for any accidents occurred in the event.
*You may get stained on your cloth at a workshop, so please wear or bring cloth which can be stained.
*Please refrain from smoking during this tour.
*Since we can handle a very few guests, please refrain from being “no-show”, coming late, or cancelling after the deadline.

(KUMAZAKI Kazuto / Kumazaki Kobo)
Japanese Master of Traditional Crafts (Tokyo Hand-Drawn Yuzen) / Meister of Crafts in Shinjuku
(TAKAHASHI Takayuki / Some no Takako)
Japanese Master of Traditional Crafts (Tokyo Hand-Drawn Yuzen) / Master of Traditional Crafts in Tokyo (Tokyo Hand-Drawn Yuzen)